A&C Oslo

We are pleased to announce that Dalema becomes 100% owner of the Norwegian jewelry design brand A&C Oslo.

A&C Oslo is started after the closure of the company Arts & Crafts in March 2019.

Like the customers, dealers and employees of the company, we in Dalema think that the amazing jewelry, concept and history of Arts & Crafts
is too good not to be continued.

It is with great enthusiasm that we now launch A&C Oslo and build on the best and most profitable activity from Arts & Crafts.

The A&C brand has a unique position and is very well known in the Norwegian market.
With more than 300 dealers in Norway and exports to 7 countries, the company has the best starting point for future growth and success.

We have a clear growth strategy and want to establish A&C Oslo as Norway’s most recognized brand for fashion jewelry, with distribution to the best stores in Norway. Growth in the export market will come through sales to distributors and international web shops with a main focus on Europe and Asia.

Design, purchasing, sales and distribution are gathered at the company’s offices in Lier, between Drammen and Asker.
A&C Oslo will be led by Lars-Tore Hogsnes, who has long experience in the company and the industry.

Visit them at www.ac.no
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