This is how we work

The Dalema Group's work with social responsibility is constantly developing in line with how we as a company grow and the changing times we live in.

Commitment and responsibility

The Dalema Group has drawn up several governing documents, which guides us in our daily work.

Guidelines to better trades

The Dalema Group’s Code of Conduct has been drawn up to have clear guidelines in our work with human rights, working conditions, the environment and anti-corruption. These guidelines apply to all companies in the Group and their employees.

To clarify our expectations of The Dalema Group’s suppliers and partners, we have drawn up ethical guidelines for trading, Code of Conduct for Suppliers, that all our partners must sign and commit to.

Responsible value chains

All goods offered by the Dalema Group’s companies must be produced in a responsible manner. For us, this means that we have value chains that safeguard human and worker rights and the environment, and where corruption does not take place.

An important part of how we work to ensure accountability is our framework for carrying out due diligence assessments. All the Dalema Group’s companies are required to carry out due diligence assessments. The framework is based on the UN’s guiding principles for business and human rights (UNGP) and the OECD’s guidelines for multinational companies. The Dalema Group has created a guide for how due diligence assessments should be carried out when purchasing and in connection with the production of own brands.

For information on our due diligence assessments and commitments you may read our Human Rights Due Diligence Statement 2023.

Risk-minimizing measures

Through the Dalema Group, thousands of goods are placed on the market annually, from around 700 suppliers, manufacturers, and agents. This means that we are part of complex value chains.

Through its ownership in Opal East Trading Co., Ltd. (Opal), the Dalema Group has purchasing offices in four different producing countries: China, India, Vietnam and Malaysia. The purchasing offices form an important part of our work with social and environmental responsibility in the value chains. Presence and local anchoring make it significantly easier to visit factories and support our suppliers in any challenges that may arise. As a general rule, all companies with planned production in these markets must use Opal as a partner – we strongly believe that this gives far better control over price, quality, production flow and, last but not least, social and environmental risks.

The Dalema Group has also invested in a supplier management platform that will provide a complete and risk-classified overview of the companies’ value chains. The purpose of this is to make it easy for the companies to direct efforts where the risk is greatest and to implement measures that reflect the challenges we actually face in each individual case. We obtain data, among other things, from the suppliers’ own responses to our questionnaires, reports from audits carried out by our subsidiary Opal and insights from third-party audits (e.g. amfori BSCI, SEDEX). Our supplier management platform is also available to our suppliers so that the suppliers themselves can gain insight and work on improvements in their operations.

Part of our supplier management is also the the Dalema Group’s guidelines for assessing and approving suppliers, which have simply been drawn up to have a standard for how the Group’s many buyers should carry out such assessments.

Reporting of concerns

Anyone in a work-related context to the Dalema Group who experiences anything reprehensible in the business (illegalities, breaches of Code of Conduct or ethically unjustifiable) are urged to report their concern to their immediate superior or another manager in the Group.

If the matter is difficult to raise through your normal reporting lines, you can use the Dalema Group’s notification channel, Whistle. Here, you as an employee, business partner or other stakeholder can notify us anonymously, so that we have the opportunity to handle the issue and correct the wrongdoing. Notifying anonymously or with name is entirely up to you. The notification channel is processed by our partner AdvokatOnline. Dalema ensures that all concerns are treated in a serious and appropriate manner.

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