Dalema Group

Worldwide connections

The Dalema Group is the collective term for all businesses and companies where Dag Leo Vestre Martinsen, directly or indirectly, has at least 50% ownership.

Its small beginnings took place in 1990 when Dag Leo started with the import of work gloves. Its future growth was based on a good portion of frugality, a humble attitude towards customers and a flair for new and better trades. Growing, trade by trade. Expanding, county by county and country by country. Building, store by store and warehouse by warehouse.  Today, the group is retailing Scandinavia through its business connections worldwide.

Key figures

Through key figures, one can quickly gain an insight into both scope and potential. For us, these figures say that there is no reason to stop now, for they are rising and rising.

2,2 bn

Dalema Group Total Turnover



200k m²

Warehouse/office space


Containers imported annually


Employees Dalema Group


Ownership in Homeco

3,6 bn

Homeco Total turnover


Employees Homeco