Gjestal Næringspark

10540 m² consisting of a shop, offices and warehouse. Gjestal Næringspark is fully leased to House of Yarn (Gjestal, Dale Garn and Du store Alpakka).
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The property consists of several warehouse buildings with a total available area of approx. 9,900 m², in addition to a log house of approx. 600 m² which is used as a shop/tavern.

The buildings are of varying nature and age, and consist of shops and warehouses.

The oldest part originally dates from 1937, and has since been extended several times in the 1950s and 1960s. This part of the building stock was previously used for production, and consists of 3 floors and a basement. Used today exclusively for storage.

The newest buildings are from 1994 and 2002 respectively. These are used for storage, and have storage capacity in high racks.

Laftehuset was built in 1994, and today functions as a shop and tavern. It is a popular stopping point for tourists as well as cottagers and locals, as the property is centrally located in relation to the road to Sirdal, Kjerag and last but not least Preikestolen.

The plot has been prepared and asphalted, a total of 17,987 m2.

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