House of Yarn

House Of Yarn is the leading supplier of hand knitting yarn and accessories in the Nordic countries. We supply the DIY and needlework market, where the product is design, yarn, knitting needles and knitting patterns for creative consumers.
Our brands Dale Yarn, Du Store Alpakka, Knit Camilla Pihl, Gullungen Yarn, Orange Scarf Yarn, Pink Ribbon Yarn, Gjestal Yarn and Linde Yarn are distributed through specialist shops, online shops and chain stores. We are today the sole supplier of yarn to Coop, Sparkjøp, Nille and Europris.

Our core business

Our core business is yarn and accessories for hand knitting, as well as knit wear collections for sport and leisure, classic fashion and tourist market. In addition to our own brands we provide yarn and knit wear for private labels.

Environment and sustainability

House of Yarn is working to take the necessary environmental considerations in everything we do. We comply to international standards and work effortlessly in improving our various concepts and brands.
We have a reponsibility to make sure that our products are manufactured under decent conditions, are safe and do not contain dangerous chemicals. An important part of this responsibility is to minimize the impact our production has on the environment both in the production countries as well as in the home market.

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