Brusletto & Co AS

Tradition and quality for more than 121 years

Brusletto & Co AS was established in 1896 by Rognald Brusletto. The history of ore mining at Hardangervidda and the handcrafted production of sickles, scythes, axes and swords around Geilo started already 1500 years ago. From early on, Geilo was established as a centre for forging tools for work and leisure.

So, it is a long tradition that the craftsman and industrialist Rognald Brusletto becomes a part of when he starts as a knife and locksmith at Geilo in 1896. When he designed and developed the machine hammer based on hydropower, he also opened up for a technical development and industrial production which would put the touch on the company and the community for generations to come. Today, Brusletto & Co manufacture elegant sport and camping knives. The knife is an important tool whether you are hiking, hunting or fishing. The Brusletto knives are designed, and intended, for use. The shape of the handle and the blade is different for each knife, depending on the intended use, and not least, according to the comfort of the knife in your palm.

The steel used in manufacturing the knives is high-grade knife blade steel. It is treated, machine pressed and cured for optimal hardness. The knife should keep the sharpness of the blade for a long time, but at the same time be easy to sharpen when needed.

Different types of wod are used in producing the shafts, such as curly birch, birch, olive, walnut and rotnøtt. The materials are collected from different parts of the world, there is no use of any type of endangered wood.

The company strive to ensure an environmental friendly production, and they have recycling schemes for materials when and where possible.

Brusletto is a proud company, their knives are made with use of knowledge obtain over more than 120 years of production.

A knife should always be one of your travel companions when hiking, hunting or fishing. It is just a brilliant tool to help solve both big and small tasks.
The knife should always be by your side…..always!

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