A & C Oslo

A & C Oslo is a Norwegian design company which:

  • makes high quality fashion jewellery.
  • the jewellery is hand made, and in limited edition.
  • the jewellery is available via more than 300 dealers all over Norway.
  • the jewellery is also exported to numerous countries worldwide.
  • our webshop delivers to Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Design philosophy

A & C Oslos design philosophy is to create jewellery for modern Scandinavian women.
The jewellery reflects a relaxed elegance.
We make jewellery for women who like to be themselves and have a personal, tasteful and functional style.
Our woman is often active and engaged, and likes beautiful and discreet jewellery that does not hinder her in anything. She loves to travel, she is socially engaged, and she loves that the jewellry is made in an ethical and fair way.
Our woman likes the jewellery to fit into today’s fashion image, without being too flashy.
The jewellery we make fits perfectly in most jobs and gives the outfit a stylish boost, which puts your personality in focus. A&C Oslo jewellery is more than fashion jewellery. They have a long lifetime and raise the outfit to something extra.
We always create series of matching jewellery, which creates a stylish whole.
The jewellery is popular gifts both to give and to receive.


Our motto is “A little nicer”
We make quality jewellery from good materials, in a good way. We only work with certified manufacturers who offer good working conditions and who are, of course, free of child labour and questionable conditions.
Freedom – respect – diversity are our three most important values. Freedom to be who you are regardless of age, religion, colour or appearance. We have respect for each other and for everyone who wants to be themselves. Diversity is great, we don’t all need to fit into the same mold.
These are values that are important to our customers, our suppliers and to our employees.

Visit the company at www.ac.no
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